Our ADA for Warriors pool donates 10% of the pool operator rewards to 500 Rising. Donations are typically made during the last epoch of each month that our pool was active.

To learn more about their mission, please visit their website.

500 Rising Donations

If you would like to help 500 Rising and their mission, please delegate with our 4WARD pool to increase it’s chance of being active for each Cardano epoch. When our pool is active, it will mint blocks and rewards will be generated. It is from the operator piece of the rewards that the donations are given.

2022 Donations 0 ₳

August/September 2022 Estimated Donations: 102 ₳

Month Epoch Blocks Operator Rewards Donation
September 360 1 340 ₳ 34 ₳
August 354 1 340 ₳ 34 ₳
August 353 1 340 ₳ 34 ₳
  Total 1 1020 ₳ 102 ₳

*Data verification can be done by checking our pool data over at ADA Pools


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